Example of Carplay Installed to a Factory Mercedes Radio

Add Apple CarPlay / Android Auto to a Factory Radio

If you enjoy driving an older car but still want to experience the latest car technology, don’t worry about saving up for a new car. Instead, turn to Car Spa Dealer Services in. We specialize in installing an Apple CarPlay / Android Auto system on a factory radio so that you can enjoy all that Apple CarPlay or Android Auto has to offer.

What Does Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Provide?

Do you want to enjoy accessing your iPhone / Android apps in your car? Perhaps you want the convenience of seeing phone messages or answering phone calls, the enjoyment of listening to music, or the reliability of having Waze or Google Maps GPS. If so, Apple CarPlay provides all these and more. All you need is a current iPhone and we will do the rest.

What Do We Do?

Our specialty is providing the best in safety and entertainment features for any car, new or old, including Apple CarPlay / Audroid Auto on a factory radio. Besides Apple CarPlay, we can implement features like blind-spot systems, parking cameras, heated seats, navigation systems, and smartphone connections.

With us, you can bring your car in with any factory radio. We will successfully and carefully install an Apple CarPlay system in your car so that you can enjoy driving with the most current entertainment and GPS technology.

Why Choose Us?

When you need a successful conversion to Apple CarPlay / Android Auto on your car’s factory radio, we are the company to trust. With over 35 years of experience and a reputation as a foremost factory vehicle conversion specialist, we can provide the services you need to go from a standard radio to a full-service entertainment console.

Please call us at (703) 820-5400 or use our online form to learn more about our services or schedule your appointment. We look forward to providing your car with a quality Apple CarPlay / Android Auto system you will love.