Remote Starters

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Car Spa Dealer Service

A remote car starter is exactly that: a way to start your car, securely, from afar… whether afar is from the dressing room at Nordstrom, your office on the 32nd floor, or the warmth of your own bed on a cold morning.

There are even car starters that can be integrated into your existing car key. (So you don’t have to carry around another gadget, it’s already there.) These systems are primarily for newer vehicles with the more advanced factory-installed data systems, but your vehicle could very well be a candidate if it was made in the past few years. Once the system is installed, simply press the “lock” button 3 times, and your vehicle will turn on a few seconds later. No added mess to your key ring, and it operates almost exactly like the factory-installed remote start systems.

Remote car starters come in three basic forms:

1: Integrated into your car’s own original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fob (your car key)

2: Aftermarket fobs that you put on your key ring

3: As apps that work on your smartphone

Choosing the right range

How far are you from your vehicle when you’re at home? What about when you’re at work? Chances are good that those distances will vary greatly.

If you opt to have a system installed that uses your vehicle factory key fob to initiate the remote start activation, you’ll be limited to maybe 30-40 feet. Is that enough? If not, consider a system that comes with its own transmitters, as these will have much longer range – upwards of a half mile! Sure, it’s a new remote that may have to find a home on your already-cluttered key ring. If you’re adamant about a clutter-free key ring, then consider the App based remote start system. This allows you to activate the remote start from an iPhone or Android smartphone. This system offers unlimited range (as long as your phone has service, of course.)