Blind Spot Systems for Centerville, Tysons, and Fairfax, VA

Radar Blind Spot with Reverse Cross Traffic Detection

Blind Spot Monitoring and detection system that works like original equipment-based systems. Giving you alerts for vehicles not only approaching from behind but also vehicles you may be passing.

If a vehicle enters your left or rear blind spot while driving 13 mph or greater the system will alert you, by illuminating the visual indicator on the side the vehicle is in your blind spot. If you put your turn signal on, the visual indicator will flash and an audible warning will sound to alert you.

Reverse Cross Traffic alerts you, when backing/reversing out of a tight space and visibility is limited while vehicles are approaching from left or right side.

Visual indicators are mounted inside to your vehicles A-pillars, which is at the bottom of your windshield right and left side, rear view mirror height in easy view of the driver. The sensor are mounted behind the bumper hidden from view and a small adjustable buzzer for audible alerts is hidden under the dash.

Camera-Based Blind Spot Systems

Our highly skilled technicians will install one or two cameras under the side-view mirrors on your car, truck or SUV. We have a range of options to display the image from the cameras. If you drive a vehicle with a color screen in the dash, chances are good we can integrate it. Other options, replacement radio with display, rear view mirror with display or standalone display.

Whenever you operate your blinker on the side the camera is installed the image of the blind spot will appear on the display.