Parking Sensors and More near Fairfax, VA

Also Serving Centreville, Tysons, and Surrounding Areas


One of the main reasons our sensors are so popular is the fit and finish of our installation. Our sensors look like factory installed systems, because we can paint them to match the vehicle, no black dots on your bumper that stand out.

When you are backing up or trying to park your vehicle, parking sensors do a great job of giving you accurate depth perception.

A four sensor rear and or four sensor front parking assist system can be installed on any car, SUV or truck.  If an object is detected in the area when parking, the driver will be alerted inside the vehicle with warning tones from slow beep, to rapid beep and then solid tone when closest. Sensors mount into the rear bumper or front bumper. Sensors come in black and are easily paintable.

An optional LED distance display is available that can be installed conveniently on the vehicle dash for front sensor systems or inverted for headliner mounting with rear sensor systems. The numerical distance from object readout is shown in feet, along with a color-coded green, yellow and red warning.